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An innovative view
of the fishing industry

The term
«fresh fish»
has been a source of buyer’s confusion for many years. Fresh fish generally means unprocessed, untreated and unfrozen product.

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Common misconception is that “fresh” means recently caught.

However, taking into account the time needed for transportation and logistics, “fresh” fish on a supermarket shelf may be 8-10 days old.

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Today, with the use of cutting edge technology of food preservation, fish can be kept fresh for periods of time previously unimaginable, without affecting its taste qualities.

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When fish is caught by fishing boats, it's freshness and quality are at their peak. However, in case of neglect of the catch, all of these parameters drop and the fish begins to deteriorate quickly.

After the catch is brought ashore, it must also be treated according to best practices for maximum quality in the final product.

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Our goal is to provide the consumer with the best fresh fish from Madeira island


For best results, we will construct a 14m fishing boat at Sicnave (Portugal) shipyard. The boat shall include all the necessary equipment from Oilwind (Faroe Islands) and Koller (Germany) for best operating in the waters of Madeira and Azores.

We are also open for cooperation to other fishing companies, in case if they meet our equirements for the quality of their catch.

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Tuna processing line

After qualitative selection and analysis during receiving, the hand processed tuna will be quickly packed in different formats with ULMA’s best MAP, Skin and LifeSkin technologies in order to preserve all its best qualities.

The best tuna will immediately go into cryo-freezers and be stored at -62ºC until sold to consumers. Shipping logistics in -60ºC containers are provided by Maersk.

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White fish processing line

Universal equipment from Josmar, one of the European leaders, offers all modern solutions for the treatment of different types of white fish.

Reducing waste, fast yield, and the latest development in the trimming processes all serve the same purpose: to obtain the highest possible quality of fish.

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Marel Salmon processing line

The world leader in salmon processing systems has developed two complete lines for salmon to fit our needs and requirements.

The wet line is designed to receive and process imported salmon to produce a fresh, high quality product and prepare part of the raw material for further processing in the dry line.

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The dry line is a processing line for a ready-to-eat, top-quality product with a minimum amount of manpower and effort. The end product at the end of the line is of premium quality to satisfy the most demanding customers.

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White fish processing line

Mirai Intex has designed and supplied a complete range of Air-cycle refrigeration machines, Mirai Cold. This award-winning environmental technology provides cooling for storage and freezing at temperatures down to -110°C, using only Air as a refrigerant.

At these temperatures we can completely stop any processes on a cellular level. It will allow to obtain almost identical quality to that of the fish after catching, even after a year of storage in cryogenic temperature. Many refer to the quality of cryogenic tuna as “fresher than fresh”.

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Hiperbaric Processing Cells

One of HHP’s leading equipment companies offers its equipment for quality improvement. Processing of fish with this type of equipment allows you to extend the shelf life in a state of freshness significantly, neutralize or kill most of the bacteria and microorganisms, prevent the development of bacterial colonies in the final product.

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Reich Smoke Chambers

German quality and many years of research and development have led to a large number of ell-known companies creating premium quality products using Reich’s smoking chambers.

Hot or cold smoking, pickling, salting, heat treatment under full automatic control with the best results - this is only a part of what the equipment can do.

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Packaging from Ulma and Multivac allows us to provide a wide range of products in the best quality by using modern packaging solutions, such as Skin, MAP, LifeSkin, PaperSkin and others.

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Fish Types

White Fish

Aquaculture sea bream from local producers

Round Fish

Atlantic wide-caught Tuna Premium quality

Exotic Fish

Variety of premium grade fish, that is considered exotic for most countries in the world

Flat Fish

Madeira’s pride and joy: Espada preta of the finest quality can be shipped after our treatment to remote destinations around the world

Raw &
processed salmon

We process imported Norway/Scottish salmon, caught according to the highest quality standards

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We can supply different fish cuts

Whole fish




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Local Cooperation

We are ready to make the innovative equipment like HPP Hiperbaric or Mirai Intex cryogenic chambers available for tests of the scientific community of Madeira.

Perhaps this will allow the further application of these technologies in other sectors of the economy (storage and processing of vegetables, meat, poultry, processing of lapas and others).

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Our Factory & Production (per day)

Land area (Machico, Madeira island):


Building area:


Projected value of the project:

€ 12.800.000

Estimated Annual Profit:

€ 3.000.000 ±

Construction and start-up time:

1.5 year

Estimated payback time of the project:

3.5 - 4 years


2 tons (max. 6 tons)

White Fish

1 ton (max. 6 tons)


1 ton (маx. 6 tons)

Our Partners

Our project is also supported by local companies of the Madeira island.

We would like to thank Aquimadeira, Baseinsular, Alicontrol and others for their help in finding technical, construction and production solutions, allowing us to bring this project to life.

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Produto da Madeira

Our Team

Our diverse team is comprised of a number of specialists with vast experience working within the fishing industry.

We strive to develop and improve the solutions to create produce of the highest quality and represent Madeira island both in Portugal and worldwide.

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